Here are some questions that we hear often, so this list may even answer your questions before you ask them!

Do you ship Spudnuts?
Unfortunately not. We’ve experimented with shipping before, but the results weren’t quite what we hoped. First, we don’t use any preservatives in Spudnuts, so they don’t keep well beyond the day they’re made. Second, no matter how hard we tried to package them, they wound up getting bounced around and ended up with frosting all over, creating a gooey mess.

Can I place an order with you for pick up locally?
Sure! Give us a call at (509) 943-3000, and we’ll be happy to take your order. For large orders, kindly give us at least 24 hours’ notice.

Are Spudnuts gluten free?
No, they’re not. While Spudnuts are made with potato flour, there is also wheat flour mixed in, so they’re not gluten free.

Are you hiring?
Call at (509) 943-3000 or stop by to drop off your résumé to see if we have any open positions.

Do you ever support local organizations?
Absolutely! Stop by or call at (509) 943-3000 and talk to Val.

Do you know about any other Spudnut locations?
You can find more information about other Spudnut locations at and